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InvestorsProActive: Real Estate, Financing and Tax Strategies

InvestorsProActive is a wholly owned division of Wealth Builders Associated and is headed up by James Deas (CEO) and Marcel Spitz (COO). (Click on Name for profiles)

We are Buyers, Sellers, and Traders of Real Estate…and are assisted by a select group of associated professionals, (see Our Team) who, operating as teams are seeking good opportunities to buy, sell or trade either commercial or residential properties, either for our clients, our associates or ourselves.

We buy properties directly from the owners and …in addition, through such vehicles as “short sales”, auctions, REOs, tax deeds/liens, mortgage modifications, self directed IRAs, etc. Accordingly, we normally are enabled to find and purchase properties at very good to excellent prices….and always with a preconceived exit strategy.

Each property is marketed in accordance with our planned exit strategy…and the needs and desires of the Buyer. We do “flipping”, whole selling, rehabbing for rental, and retail sales.’ When necessary, financing can be arranged as a part of the transaction.
Some select properties are held for long term investments. Normally these are “cherry picked”for our clients, for joint ventures with associates…or partners…and ourselves, for the purpose of providing residual income, long term gains and / or tax leverage.
(insert pictures of buildings under construction , pasture land.or industrial properties
Currently we are looking for…

  1. Commercial and Residual Properties offered by seriously motivated sellers
  2. Buyers, Sellers or Traders looking for exceptional opportunities
  3. Associates.with specialized knowledge, talent or expertize in real estate or financing.



  • Real Estate Investments
  • Buying, Trading, Selling of Real Estate.
  • Private Lending

Our team will provide you and your advisers with the most current and up-to-date market information available… and assist you in every way possible to make your transaction with us a pleasurable and profitable experience.

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