Our Team

WBA, in its primary areas of expertise (Financing, and Real Estate) guides and directs a team(s) consisting of a co-founder, and one or more select Associates, on each project. Each Associate is chosen to participate according to his/her knowledge and expertise in specific areas…which can be utilized most effectively by the team.

Working together, as a team(s), they evaluate a client’s situation….and in light of his/her goals and capabilities, offer expert assistance to him/her as to their best course of action.



JAMES DEAS, CEO – as an extensive business background, and is well versed in creative tax and financial planning.  In addition, he has a wealth of special knowledge relating to the strategies involved in buying, selling, trading and developing real estate.  (Click here to view Deas Bio as shown in LinkedIn profile))




MARCEL SPITZ, COO – Is an experienced business consultant, project manager and marketing expert… with a thorough knowledge of today’s technology… and its proper application.  (Click here to view Spitz Bio on LinkedIn)





Individual Members of a LARGE group of business associates and professional advisors. Each with special skills and expertise in specific areas, and committed to the principles and achievements of WBA… with the same common goals and objectives.

This group of business associates and professional advisers consists of Legal Consultants, Financial Experts, Tax & Financial Institutions, Investors, Private Lenders, Marketing Specialist, Clergymen, Insurance and Real Estate Experts.

Select members from this group, operate as teams… and work together for a specific purpose and common goal… accordingly, they are enabled to maximize the value of their considerable expertise, talents and abilities. This plays a significant role in helping us to find, evaluate and market many outstanding opportunities of select products and services. This includes the financial considerations, and other requirements necessary to achieve success in the specific endeavor undertaken.

Our creative tax planning and marketing synergy is considerably enhanced by our use of today’s high technology and networking.   This serves to maximize leverage, and thus enhance sales, while at the same time further reducing costs and expenses. Together, this translates into more profits for all; and enables us to better serve the best interests of our Clients, while enhancing the capabilities of WBA and its Associates.



Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have about members of Our Team, or any interest that you may have in joining us.