WBA Financing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wealth Builders Associated, and adheres
staunchly to the principles and goals of that fine company.

Our purpose is to provide a platform by which an individual, or business entity, large or small, can secure the financial resources necessary to achieve viable business purposes and endeavors. Such monies to be made available on the best terms and conditions possible (consistent with the scope and viability of the subject project).

Our Key Man says…

“Borrow money to invest…not to spend.”

Accordingly, a great deal of credence must be given to the following statements:

…money is the “lifeblood” of all business activities …the “third leg of a three legged stool”…and the thing that “makes the monkey dance”.

 It appears that these are valid sayings and reflect the importance of proper financing, whether it is done as an…

 Investor…Lender…Borrower…or for Philanthropic Funding

Our capabilities and extensive contacts enable us to secure funding’s for either:

1. Business Capital:

(a) Investors, who are looking for investment opportunities which provide good returns, safety of principal and good exit strategies.

(b) Lenders, seeking credit worthy opportunities.

(c) Borrowers, who are looking for money (debt or equity) to either purchase or make improvements to specific projects.


2. Philanthropic Funding (both profit and non-profit) tailored to serve your personal goals and objectives for specific Humanitarian or Ecological purposes (or others serving mankind) when you have “arrived financially” and have the capability.

WBA has the capability of securing funding for most viable projects … both large and small… national and international …for profit making and nonprofit institutions… All with the assurance that we can serve you, the Client, in the accomplishment of your goals and objectives in an efficient and expeditious manner. Philanthropic Funding

We welcome the opportunity to work with you …and to help you acquire either of the above referenced forms of financing/funding that you may require.

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