About us

Wealth Builders Associated (WBA) was founded in 2009 by its principals, James Deas (CEO) and Marcel Spitz (COO).

OUR PURPOSE is twofold:

First: To assist our clients in identifying, or creating especially good opportunities that can be used to enhance their financial position during the creative period of their lives . . . and

Secondly: To assist them with their financial capability and “know how” for doing “worlds of good” for those less fortunate than they (if they are so inclined).
We do this by combining the considerable knowledge and expertise of the Principals together, with that of our Associates… (And well trained and motivated personnel)… all working together for a common cause (YOURS).

Accordingly, we can help to foster …and perpetuate… goals, individual skills, abilities and successes for our clients. This includes…locating… evaluating… financing… developing and marketing… of select opportunities. All is done in accordance with our client’s capabilities, goals and objectives.


WBA utilizes two special divisions :

● Financing
● Real Estate

Each division is headed by either a principal of the firm, or an Associate. (This is determined in accordance with the knowledge and expertise required for a specific project). Each project requires specialized services in different (but often times overlapping), business activities/opportunities.

WBA, utilizing the personnel and/or facilities of one or more of its two divisions, provides the specific skills, tools and strategies necessary for its Associates to best serve our Clients.

Accordingly, working as a team, both divisions benefit and the Client is better served. Included are various forms of business activities and services, many of which can be bought or sold… or utilized profitably… in an “ongoing” basis, by either our Clients …and/ or our Associates.

This strategy has permitted WBA to grow…and to enhance, its own capabilities… (Together with our sense of personal pride and satisfaction), while providing the same benefits for our Associates and those served through our combined efforts… This is true whether you are in the process of developing your Financial security… or implementing philanthropic projects.

We have found that Financial Wealth and Philanthropic Wealth are closely related…one enables you to create financial wealth in an efficient and organized manner)…and the other enables you to do a “world of good” for other worthwhile causes. Both in accordance with your own personal goals and objectives.

The tax laws, properly utilized, enable you to do both… (See Tax Strategies) with good planning. However, in many cases you may need, and want help. WBA offers our assistance and support!

Creative tax planning and marketing synergy are considerably enhanced by the use of today’s high technology and networking. This serves to maximize leverage, and thus enhance sales, while at the same time further reducing costs and expenses. Together, this equals more profits and enables us to better serve not only our clients best interests, but those of our Associates and our Principals.

We appreciate your interest, and welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these matters with you!

James Deas CEO
Marcel Spitz COO

Please contact us with any questions that you might have.

By : email: info@wealthbuildersassociated.com
or : telephone: 407 349 7123