GroWBA is a wholly owned Division of WBA and is headed up by our COO, and Marketing director, Marcel Spitz.

Our Objectives

GroWBA’s function is to help our Clients grow from beginners to leaders in the field of marketing, quickly… and in the most expeditious manner possible….This requires good training.
This is equally true for the individual looking for opportunities to advance him/herself personally…and the businessman who is looking to increase his share of the market.

At GroWBA we understand marketing, and regardless of the nature of your interest, it can be overwhelming, at least for most of us.. especially in the beginning. There are many elements to consider. They range from new and increasingly complex technology, through psychology and personal circumstances . Not to mention dealing with today’s highly competitive market place… itself a highly volatile and ever changing endeavor.

Many people attempt to develop their marketing skills by themselves …and some will do so,… but frequently they find that it is too involved, or requires too much time and attention… for them to succeed and make any money. Many times they are misled by overzealous company affilates making false or misleading claims… or failing to provide adequate and proper training. A high percentage of these people become disillusioned and either just stop trying, or drop out altogether. Statistics indicate that over 95% of the individuals going into “net work marketing” or direct sales, fail… and that most of this is due to lack of training. Those same stastics reveal that 7 out of every 10 startup, or small businesses, fail due to their inability to market their product or service. Either way, this often results in major disappointments… and frequently the loss of substantial moneys. If you are one of these people, individual or business man, GroWBA offers excellent programs whereby we can help you… (with your participation), while permitting you to have full transparency relating to what is involved and accomplished.
Whether you are an individual, or small businessman, our approach is determined by your particular circumstances, capabilities, goals and objectives. You will determine which products or services are of the most interest to you, or which growth path you would like to follow. Once we understand these, GroWBA will research the appropriate market, lay out the program…and make recommendations.
You make the decisions.

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GroWBA’s experienced personnel will provide you with the proper information, and assist you as required in the selection of the best product or service.(to accommodate your situation). Following your decision, they will provide you with the tools, information, and training that are necessary for you to successfully market the program which you select…. and to start the money making process. During the learning period we will address each step of the program in a simple straight forward manner that is easy to learn…and profitable to use. This includes teaching you the pros and cons of the product or service, itself… and thus prepare you to deal with any questions that might arise in an effective marketing program. At the same time, you will be functioning in an organized training program designed to develop your skills and abilities, step by step…and launch you on a successful career in the Training Program you have selected.


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one of our most
rewarding programs is…
working with people with disabilities.

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