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  • … the frequent need for… and quality of… the product
  • … the substantial cash that goes to the sponsoring
    organization immediately
  • … the sense of pride and well being
  • that it gives to the participating members.
First… The PRODUCT…. Life Insurance …is renowned as one of the most unique and versatile financial contracts yet devised by man…because:
It provides the exact benefit neededCASH… at the exact time it’s needed…. the DEATH of the participating member… (which often causes disruptions, attendant expenses and heavy financial losses, including income)….and
it’s use is so flexible… And it is treated very favorably tax wise.
Unfortunately Life Insurance is frequently needed, but… its purchase is too often “postponed” …for reasons “justifiable” (at the moment), but…. with consequences ….eventually loved ones “pay the price”.
Second, The BENEFITS of this program are excellent and are provided for the sponsoring organization (church, hospital, etc)… and, its participating members………without any costs to the organization or member. They are:
For The Sponsoring Organization:
(1) Cash Donations: … the amount of each Cash Donation shall be equal to 5% of the annual premium as long as the premiums are paid. The exact amount will be determined by the age and number of its members who participate (The average is about 50% of the organization’s members. See *) on chart at bottom of slide  #11. ).
(2) A Large Cash Legacy: The legacy shall be 25 % of the proceeds of the insured members’ death benefits during the sponsoring organizations campaign, or any extension thereof“.
For The Participating Member:
Life Insurance, (at no cost )
 The insured owns the policy, with rights to name the beneficiary of his/her choice… and to renew the coverage beyond the term of the campaign. The amount of this policy can be equal to ten times the individual member’s household income. Coverage can be divided between husband and wife.

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