Mission & Vision

The "WBA KEY MAN" of WealthBuildersAssociated says: "We Provide The Key"


                           Our Mission

Wealth Builders Associated is
dedicated to 
the development of
wealth building
programs, based upon 2 pillars:

Financial and Philantropical.
for every
individual and family,

business and other
qualified organization…

both profit and non-profit….

This is our mission.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which people are free from the confines of their past.

A world where they can do what they choose… when they choose…and with whom they choose.

A world where they can sustain themselves financially…through work that is fulfilling and rewarding. Where they answer to no one …other than GOD…. themselves…. their families… and their country.

As we become successful, millions of people around the world will discover viable alternatives to their status quo. They will wake up to the possibilities that surround them… .and become empowered to live the best life possible. They will come to understand their purpose… choose their own path… and create their own success. They will be confident… and love their lives.

As a result … relationships will become more balanced… with more time and money… They will enjoy more successful marriages…with happier families.

We envision a world in which every person…who chooses… can wake up to their own potential, …and begin to live… breathe… and create the life of their dreams.

Gate Way to Heaven

If You Share Our Vision…

Let us go forward together!