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THE COMPANY …. COASTLIFE UNDERWRITERS, LLC. , has launched a National Expansion Campaign.

The company’s capable leadership has very successfully developed… and marketed…the subject program in California over the past 5 years. During that time it has installed this program in over 60 plus Churches, with OUTSTANDING results using the “agent referral” method of marketing. (Click here to see References and Testimonials)

In early 2011, company management determined that in light of their excellent record, and solid client base, that a more ambitious presence in a broader market would be in order. Accordingly, procedures were adopted to take the company to a national level…targeting select “favored” areas in a planned step by step expansion program.

Florida was chosen as the first “favored area” for this planned expansion… and WBA Fund Raisers was selected as the Senior Field Agency and Marketing Agency Affiliate.

In this capacity, and under the guidance and supervision of the Company.. WBA Fund Raisers performs two functions:


1) Marketing the Companies’ Campaign program to select qualified non profit organizations.

-Campaigns are tailored to benefit each individual organization
according to their specific needs and circumstances.

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2) Recruiting and preliminary qualification of “enrolling agents”

– Part time & full time positions available

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