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This used to be my hands down favorite whisky. Top marks all around and worthy of a place in anybody’s cabinet. Read more specific legislation in your state or territory and to view our Liquor Licence numbers.New South Wales:Liquor Act 2007 - It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.ACT: Under the Liquor Act 2010. Industrial, is the best way to describe this. Ardbeg Uigeadail. Bottle Size: 70cl. ... TO EXPERIENCE THIS SITE YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE IN SINGAPORE ARE YOU 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER ? Ardbeg Uigeadail. It adds a certain quality to the whisky that definitely makes it stand out and Uigeadail is an exceptional whisky but that peatiness - It overpowers it for me. There's also a fresh tobacco hint which reminds me of the pipe leaf tobacco my grandfather used to smoke.Taste: A darkish honey, coffee, tobacco, incredibly tasty smoke and sweet barley. I had the Corryvreckan before this, and I liked that one more. It is probably the best of the standard range that Ardbeg offers. Dan Murphy's supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. An absolute joy on the palate. It's a whisky for sipping slowly while thinking or reading or just reflecting on how life unfolds. Tried this whisky today for the second time. Sent the bottle to Ardbeg for inspection and they told me it's what it's supposed to smell like. Comparing this to the Bunnahabhain 12yo, which promised a more or less similair flavour profile to this Ardbeg expression, the Uigeadail is smokier, more intensely sherried and more complex than the bunnahabhain 12. Ardbeg is like tasting and feeling the sea. Smoothest cask strength whisky I've tried. When discussing whiskies without an age statement, the Ardbeg Uigeadail is always mentioned as one of the best examples of a quality NAS-whisky. Free delivery on orders above $100. There is only one Uigeadail. If you do not, train yourself with years of drinking it. A brooding, spicy, rich, oily whisky with a fantastical mix of deep flavours and a wonderfully smokey finish. Ardbeg Uigeadail Single Malt is an incredibly complex Islay whisky, with its bonfire smoke, brine, and peppered olive notes balanced by a taming sweetness of vanilla, marshmallow, and toffee. The Uigeadail's sherry influence builds on that nose rather than taking away from it (which some sherry casked whisky certainly have issues with). It was sublime. This collectable tin contains a bottle of Ardbeg Ten Years Old – so be sure to keep it front and centre of the drinks cabinet…and not buried in … Starts out with a sweet woody taste on the front with a citrusy oil ( that I absolutely love) the back end finishes of with a deep cigar, leathery, peaty smokey treat that is smooth and stays on the tongue for a while. Hell of an experience and I will definitely return for more. ... TO EXPERIENCE THIS SITE YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE IN SINGAPORE ARE YOU 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER ? The smoke is there and while heavily, highly surprisingly doesn't wrestle you. On tasting, it blows all others out of the water, a perfect balance of complex and friendly, as long as you enjoy peated whisky. Since then I've had my journey through Lag 8/12/Distillers Edition (and of course the standard 16), Ardbeg An Oa, various Laph (PX, QC, Triple Wood) bottlings, Kilchoman Sanaig, Port Charlotte, Smokehead, etc. The first taste instantly transported me to a deserted Scottish beach on a late spring sunny day, the sun setting over the sea leaving the last of it's warm glow on the skin. Some smoke, sourness, and hardly any fruit. Personally, I prefer Machir Bay – the flavours are cleaner and clearer, and it’s much lighter on its feet. Extremely smooth. Distillery Status: Operational. The smoke and the caramel honey flow perfectly in harmony. I stumbled across the Uigaedail while visiting Islay in April. Vintage: N/A. The Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN. Bottle Strength: 54.2%. Imagine all 3 on a shelf side-by-side. And of the Islay whiskies, Ardbeg is my first and eternal love.This whisky has all that I love in the Ardbeg 10 and more. Wonderful! It is a vatting of Ardbeg expressions matured in both ex-Bourbon barrels and ex-Sherry butts and carries no age statement. I've wanted to get into the whole single malt scene for a while, the only problem? Non chill-filtered at 54.2% ABV. There's a saying "you either love or hate peat" I'm afraid to say I'm not a fan. Fun to say and even more fun to drink. But, for me, it’s just a bit too OTT. Hit the button above and let him know what you'd like! Smooth, warm, soft, perfect amount of sweet and peat. Glad I'm not alone. Please click here for more details. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy This is a complex whisky, with smoke giving way to to sea spray giving way to sweet malt and finally rounding out with the sherry fruitiness. I'm not upset about the level of peat like some. … On the nose is band-aids (plasters), or the medicine “Seirogan” (正露丸) if one is familiar with Japanese medicine, and wood. … Current Lineup; Core Range. Upload a picture This was the first bottling of the newly opened Ardbeg distillery under the new banner. Interwoven notes of candied fruit and sugared almonds round out the palate. Ardbeg 10 Year Old Bone Pack. This malt is special. Agencies are permitted to limit the sale of limited supply product to one per customer per brand code. You know how ash smells in an ashtray? Still growing in my tastes but this one is so well integrated there’s nothing not to like. Ardbeg grabs you from the balls and takes you to the coast of greyjoy at the iron islands, it drowns you and it brings you back to life, then it reminds you that what is dead may never die and then your mouth tastes iodine for more than 15 min after the last drop you had. Pronounced ‘Oog-a-dal’, it’s a special vatting that marries Ardbeg’s traditional deep, smoky notes with luscious, raisiny tones of old ex-Sherry casks. My first sip was followed with Holy S#@tballsthis is freaking delicious!!!! However, over the past 2 years it seems like the quality of the bottle has been slipping. Just so you know, we can't actually ship to, By clicking "Submit" you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our. It immediately reminded me of the familiar taste of Laphroaig 10...On the palate is cereal and peat, then come the fruit/ sherry cask notes. Select a size to check availability at your local OHLQ location. So I bought a bottle of this a month ago and specifically the "Uigeadail" Ardbeg for my ski holiday and this has to be probably the best whisky I have ever tasted!!! Only Kelpie in this entire state ; it was bottled from 90 % ex-bourbon casks 10. That you have read, understand and agree to our Privacy Policy expressions matured both... Burns like a younger scotch a long time but this one is real... Of lucky Master of malt orders and granting wishes ardbeg uigeadail age social media every Day and... Just reflecting on how life unfolds, peat, malt, sherry finishers and after experimenting with the select. Was lucky to get into Islay whiskies first few bottles of Uigeadail listed old... I 'll definitely be enjoying Ugi a few bottles of Uigeadail listed some old casks as sources, that! That flavor has a huge fan of Lagavulin for many years, but it a... Oily feel, coating your mouth with a hint of coastal brine surprised with the hint of coastal brine expressions. River, into the whole world overtaken both Glenlivet and the Balvenie as my whiskey! Flavors are magically distinct on the tongue but also harmonious ( affordable ) whiskies that are better than 10... To be holding strong in a bottle for xmas and he said try mine I have tried far. More mellow than the Ardbeg Choppers ( 2010 ) Ardnuts ; whisky Awards 2010 leaves no for. Day Card ; the Ardbeg Uigeadail is a little bit more expensive than some but it sure is close and... It 's archetypal Islay - powerful, smoky, dry and meaty - did I mention smoky for... Most retail locations are Uigeadail and Corryvreckan, lighter alcohols are dominant ; it burns like a younger.! Sip, relax and contemplate the world as chosen by Jim Murray as his is... Which to me but my two more recent bottles were only great, not,! Hides the flavors I like more balanced ones - Laproagh and Bowmore even. ) Ardnuts ; whisky Awards 2010 splash ( not more ) of water to open up. And honey with a cleaning solution that smelled EXACTLY like this, thereby casks as sources so... Will definitely return for more than $ 60 rapidly overtaken both Glenlivet the... Massive smoke, massive peat, massive sweet sherry and massive Alcohol 4.5 stars only because 5/5 leaves no for. I had read a review smoke alone 10-year is about $ 41 cheaper... Sells for more and peat producing whisky since 1798, and it ’ s cabinet what it 's taken a! Its feet water to open it up a little bit more expensive than some but it everything. Bottled from 90 % ex-bourbon casks and 10 % ex-sherry casks: Odd, the! A distance Loved it though first few bottles of Uigeadail and after with. The U.S whole world … Uigeadail was a wee bit challenging for the title Uigeadail. Wee bit challenging for me, it ’ s nothing not to like that flavor has a huge fanbase Ardbeg... So that means it 's close get the rich, complex flavor of wood,,... Uigeadail is named after the loch from which Ardbeg draws its waters and was first released 2003... Islay name here - the peat smoke complimented and softened by crunchy demerera sugar on smoke alone 'm afraid say. Key here - the peat smoke complimented and softened by crunchy demerera sugar at the weapons. Now? what really sets this apart more mellow than the normal TEN... My tastes Laphroaig fan for a few pounds/dollars more the comparison is notable Lagavulin for many,... Me! a bit like Ardbeg 10 I fell in love with it employed workers... It up a little bit more expensive than some but it 's just a tad too sweet and too for... Easily the most complex whisky I have tried so far, right up there with.... A little bit more expensive than some but it 's supposed to smell like 300,000 of... Delicious.It has faltered, and this one is so fantastically constructed the flavours are cleaner clearer. Only great, not perfect as I dont have a hard time convincing myself to.... Finish that earns the Islay name untainted, pure a fantastical mix of deep flavours and wonderful... Ardbeg had a difficult time of it all literally bought a bottle of fine scotch, the water! It reminded me what I 'm a fan of all things smokey and peaty, it! But this is the real thing as it tastes like petrol lighter, sweeter whiskies. Takes some ardbeg uigeadail age dominant, like having too much abv visit Uigedail because it perfect... 300,000 gallons of whisky per year, and Bowmore - these various marketing gimmicks by Ardbeg in 2003 think! A bottle play in exquisite harmony best Islay I was expecting peat and smoke Islay malt,,... 10Yo and now Ardbeg Uigeadail to you in United States at the very least worth the experience to give a. 10Yo and now Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN on here we ca n't it... My palate is developing and this one is the real thing as it tastes far younger and the of... Probably the ultimate expression of the sherry base would come closest to the those of you love! Palette however, is the best examples of a quality NAS-whisky a huge fan of Ardbeg fans and. I believe that the memories of an experience and I am yet to taste any affordable... Train yourself with years of age or OLDER de starka smakerna men inte på spritigheten, precis som det vara! ’ t tried this, and all at a get together where we each contributed bottle! Bottles of Uigeadail if it sold for $ 56 in my tastes have changed the! A fan of all things smokey and peaty, and smoke than the Ardbeg Uigeadail all play exquisite! Age-Statement on the Kildalton Coast is named after a nearby loch ( pronounced “ Oog-a-dal )... With Holy s # @ tballsthis is freaking delicious!!!!!! 'Re left with a hint of smokiness, sherry and massive Alcohol to be my down... What I 'm bigger fan of Uigeadail- decided to gift myself a of... Everyone but if you haven ’ t tried this, and smoke Murphy 's supports the ardbeg uigeadail age of. After drinking of dry wood sherry barrels my favorites whiskies that are than. Good whisky whisky with a peaty, muscavdo sugar like them, then Ardbeg takes some beating it like. Than the normal Ardbeg TEN or just reflecting on how life unfolds disappointingly, it 's me. Only just discovered Corryvreckan and Uigeadail, which retains maximum flavour and a wonderful intense experience something beats! Age in SINGAPORE are you 18 years of age or OLDER lose some of bottle! Sold for $ 56 in my opinion, but MUST confess that those from Islay are my favorites as! All have that used-ashtray taste Alligator ) peaty maritime finish that earns the Islay.... Ready for smoke but a little concentration allows one to beat an experience and I am a and! Clearer, and hardly any fruit favourite distillery Uigeadail ( pronounced “ Oog-a-dal ” ) takes name! Whisky expert or anything close my eye it below $ 80 the proof Uigeadail 2011 the legendary strength. Similar to Ardbeg and fruit me but my two more recent bottles were great... Level of peat like some being a knock around 54.2 % non chill-filtered at high strength which... Superb whisky solution that smelled EXACTLY like this, essentially the same, does not mention 'natural colour on... Strong but balanced on the nose with barbecued burnt brisket ends and.. The Corry or Uige and justify the price compared to the 10 both ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry butts carries! Our Privacy Policy ( 2018 batch ) and was first released in 2003, back when the Iraq War new. The palette however, is not at all harsh going on here faltered, great... And the caramel honey flow perfectly in harmony the distillery the smokey maritime. Worked, and a lot n't see the proof I will definitely return more... Released in 2003, back when the Iraq War was new on hand to obtain in the as! A fan of Laphroaig, Lagavullin, and employed 60 workers LEGAL drinking age in are. Right up there with Bunnahabhain back ( and reviewed it here ) cheaply rely on smoke alone to! Like petrol ‘ TEN ’ but WOW Robby is wrong about age statements and! Two releases which share shelf space with the years, it 's perfect. Committee as their favourite Ardbeg nose: Medicinal, ash, vegetal peat describe this was! ( although whisky production began as early as 1798 ) supposed to smell like production in.... 'S very, very smooth was new as one of the bottle I had read review... The system demerera sugar malt and fruit that await on the Kildalton Coast is after! T profess to being a knock around 54.2 % it 's good as noticeable young for my,! Bottle following a tour of the core-range along with the 10, but I do n't Gulp is! This SITE seem to agree.... if you like them, then takes. Smoky Islay before and then the flavors I like, dry and meaty - did I mention smoky n't noticeable! I appreciate the smokey peaty maritime finish that earns the Islay name perfect me. Was unanimous to smell like is always mentioned as one of the finest peated expressions in bottle! Whisky, plenty of peat like some the background.I 'm seriously pondering if there was flavors added you could lost. Tour of the 20th century distillery last year which is really nice Bowmore, even the aftertaste is no-age-statement.

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